Kit Store Policy

The loan of equipment from the Kit Store is subject to the following:

I undertake/agree:

I understand that breaching the Kit Store Policy could prejudice future Kit Store loan requests.


1. General rules

The Kit Store service is available for all students and staff to use for teaching, completing project briefs and coursework approved by your course leader. You are required to have had adequate training and inductions on equipment before use to ensure that it is used safely and correctly. 

Equipment is available for use by course and year of study in order for the most suited equipment to be available to students at the appropriate time to their skills and knowledge gained from their course. 

Restrictions will be placed upon accounts if admin fees remain unpaid. See the Kit Store Sanctions & Charges Policy for further information on this. 

We encourage bookings by staff for teaching purposes to be made as early in the academic year as possible in order to ensure availability. Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis and will only be modified if equipment becomes unavailable through loss or damage, or if it is required for essential teaching.

2. Booking and Collecting Items

The maximum item loan period is 3 working days. Students may extend their own bookings without prior permission for up to 24 hours; this extension can only be made once the loan has started, and provided the equipment is not booked by another user.. Extensions beyond 24 hours are available for equipment provided the student has first checked its availability for extension, submitted the correct form and received written confirmation from their tutor and the Kit Store on the necessity of the extension. Your booking is only secure once you have received an automated email authorising your request. 

Equipment must be checked immediately on collection. Students are liable for missing or damaged items once the equipment is in their care.

If equipment is not collected by the end of your selected 60 minute collection slot, you must speak to Kit Store staff to arrange an appropriate alternate collection time. If equipment is not collected by 5:30pm on the first working day of the booking it will be cancelled and equipment made available to others. 

There is a buffer period between bookings on the same item. This allows the Kit Store to ensure it is properly returned, checked and available in good working order for the next user. Unfortunately we cannot extend opening hours to facilitate late collections or arrange collection of equipment from the facilities office.

Students are only able to take out one camera per booking; additionally to this students are only able to book a maximum of two lenses or one kit of cine lenses [where available] per camera. This is a means to allow other students the fair usage of equipment. If you require more cameras and lenses than this in order to complete a project please submit an 'Additional Camera(s)/Lens(es)' ticket via TOPdesk at least two working days in advance of your collection to allow enough time for your tutor and the Kit Store to review this request.

3. Risk Assessments

Dependent on the equipment you intend to borrow, it may be necessary to conduct a Risk Assessment for your project. The aim of a risk assessment is to ensure that no one gets hurt in the carrying out of your work, and is a legal requirement. Through completing a risk assessment you need to identify hazards, decide if a hazard is significant, and whether you have it covered by satisfactory precautions so that the risk is small.

The risk assessment must be requested via TOPdesk by 9am three (3) working days before the collection date, submitted by 9am two (2) working days before the collection date, and authorised by the Kit Store Administrator and Health & Safety Manager in advance of collection. Kit Store Staff reserve the right to request a risk assessment at any time. 

Please refer to the Risk Assessment Policy for further information

4. Returns 

Collect and return your equipment on Level 5 at the dates and times you booked. We operate a block system for overdue returns, so make sure you return your equipment on time. You are responsible for collecting and returning this equipment, and for its security during the loan period - See Kit Store Sanctions & Charges Policy for further details.  

Please ensure you return equipment on time so that it can be checked, restocked and serviced as required to ensure it is available for the next user. If you have any trouble returning equipment at the agreed time, please let us know via TOPdesk, as soon as you can.

High tier value items must be returned to a Kit Store staff member at the Returns Desk during opening hours and cannot be returned to the lockers. The equipment affected by this will be indicated to students when equipment is collected and also on signage in the lockers area. If these items are returned to a locker students will be contacted and asked to return correctly return items to a staff member.

Low tier value items can be returned to lockers at any time, but must be placed within the locker by midday on the last day of your booking. Lockers must be secured using the padlocks provided once equipment is placed inside. 

Equipment placed in or around the Kit Store unsecured is left at the user’s own risk, and the Kit Store will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to this equipment whilst it is under a user’s booking. 

5. Loss

If equipment is lost the user(s) will be blocked from booking out any other equipment until the situation is resolved. If an item of equipment is rendered inoperable because a component has been lost then the user(s) will be blocked from making further bookings until the missing part(s) have been returned/replaced.

Stolen equipment must be reported to the Police at the earliest opportunity and a crime reference number must be obtained. Students must submit a Lost & Damaged Equipment ticket on TOPdesk

All users are liable for the full cost of replacement or repair of any items lost, stolen or damaged where any of the following applies: 

All due care must be given to prevent theft, loss or damage to any item of equipment. Items must be stored and transported in suitably protective containers. Equipment that is taken out of the Kit Store must be transported in the cases provided. 

6. Misplaced Equipment

If equipment is returned to the Kit Store and components are missing, that form an entire kit (as an example, a lens or body cap missing from a camera), the user(s) will be blocked from making further bookings until the missing part(s) have been returned/replaced. Resolution may involve payment either in part or in whole for the loss or replacing the missing component.

This is in order for the Kit Store to ensure that equipment is available to us to book out to other users promptly, and as a complete kit. 

7. Damage

If equipment is either returned damaged or has been rendered inoperable by a missing component, the user will be blocked from booking out any other equipment until the situation is resolved. Resolution may involve payment either in part or in whole for the damage or replacing the missing component.

Any additional stickers or tape put on equipment during use must be removed before the equipment is returned.. All equipment will be inspected for damage/missing parts and a digital photographic record may be made of any damage for documentation purposes. No item of equipment must be exposed to environmental conditions that could result in damage. 

8. Late returns

Where possible Kit Store staff will extend bookings, only if there is no demand for the equipment in the form of upcoming bookings. 

9. Late Returns Sanctions

Items are due back by the end time specified on their booking. Items which are returned late will result in the user’s account being blocked on SiSo and any bookings that fall during this period will be suspended.

For further information see the Kit Store Sanctions & Charges Policy.

10. Student Suspension

Any user who uses fraudulent means to borrow equipment from the Kit Store may be suspended from using the Kit Store. Fraudulent means are as follows:

Fraudulent means may result in the student being considered under the student disciplinary process. 

11. Incubatee use of equipment

Incubatee users are permitted to borrow Incubatee equipment only, which is clearly categorised on the booking system. Any Incubatee user who has an outstanding fine and fails to pay will be banned from using Kit Store facilities as set out in the License to Occupy DMIC agreement.

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